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EFAP conference and general assembly
12-14th September 2013, Vilnius

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The international conference on architecture „Public interest in architecture“ is being organized by Architects Association of Lithuania and European Forum for Architecture Policies under the auspices of Ministry of Environment of Lithuania.

The event is a part of the official program of Lithuanian Presidency 2013.

The conference will talk about:

  • The quality of architecture as a public interest. How does the architecture contribute to the quality of the public environment? How is the public interest in design processes, public procurement competitions systems represented?

  • The role of architecture and the architect in the social, economical, cultural development processes. What is the added value of the architects? How can the architects contribute to the process of building-communities?

  • The possible models of collaboration, innovative practices enhancing the quality of the urban environment.
  • The continuation of work on the “Taking Stock 2012” report by EFAP, confirmed at the recent EFAP conference in Dublin, Ireland (May 2013) and presented to the Council of Culture Ministers Meeting on May 2013.

  • The perspectives of the development of the architecture quality and the implementation of architecture policy in the European Union in the context of the 2014-2020 programming period would be discussed.



  1. 1. Public interest, architecture quality and public procurement competitions in Lithuania, Gintautas Blažiūnas;
  2. 2. Socially sustainable urban development and European cities after the 2008 economic recession, Andrea Colantonio;
  3. 3. The new elements of architectural policies in Belgium, Chantal Dassonville;
  4. 4. The new elements of architectural policies in France, M. Bertrand-Pierre Galey;
  5. 5. Communities‘ role in urban design process in Estonia, Teele Pehk;
  6. 6. Excellent practices from Slovenia, Vlado Krajcar;
  7. 7. Cities for people - international examples of changing cities through a people centred approach, Ewa Westermark;
  8. 8. BeePart community centre in Pilaitė: architectural and social experiment, Jurga Stunžinaitė;
  9. 9. Learning from Traveling Architecture Workshop, Rolandas Palekas;
  10. 10. Project „Compass“ for better procurement in architecture, Cilly Jansen;
  11. 11. The Architectural Policy of Lithuania 2014-2020, Rūta Leitanaitė;

All Presentations for download (ZIP, PDF, 80MB)





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